Google Docs Introduction - due by Monday 11/14

taken from Ms. Spiezio's Blogspot.........a shout out to Ms. Spiezio!
Note: If you do not already have a gmail account, look below for help in creating one

As you know, being able to use a word processing software, like Microsoft Word, is really important not only for school, but for life! However, we know sometimes we can have difficulties with file types, email attachments, or simply remembering to bring our USB!

This week for our Tech Deck, we are going to explore Google Docs. You will learn how to create and rename documents, invite people to share your document, and save or email your file. In addition to this, you will need to familiarize yourself with the tools of a basic word processing device.

Please make sure the following things are in your Tech Deck assignment.

1. Change the font color.
2. Change the font size.
3. Change the font style.
4. Double space your work.
5. Have some of your work Centered and some to the Left.
6. Insert a 2 x 2 table.
7. Include bullet points
8. Rename your file.
9. Keep it private.
10. Email it to me as an attachment or simply Share it with me!

For the content of your work, please write about how you have used technology as a tool for school.......or how you would like to use technology tools in school. Be sure to describe it, and explain why it's your favorite!

Google Docs Tutorial

Creating a GMail Account

Email is quickly becoming the most common form of communication used in the workplace, and is becoming the most common form of communication in our classroom!
Because we will be using the Google Applications in class, it is essential for each of you to have a GMail account.

NOTE: Your GMail account is to be used for school purposes only! The address itself should reflect this! Make a professional email address, one that represents you as a young adult!

Your subject should be.... "Your Name" Says Hi!
Inside the email, write me a short note about your experience using technology. Have you used it in class before? At home? For fun? What do you typically do on the computer?